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Visiting someone in a care home

For anyone living in a care home, it's important to be able to welcome a partner, relative or friend, just as they did before they started lived there.

The Care Quality Commission have updated their information about visiting people to highlight consumer rights. These help make sure people are treated fairly and protected if things go wrong - but many people aren't aware of how they apply in social care.

Blood Pressure – What is normal?

  • Your “ideal” Blood Pressure (BP) is below 120/80.
  • Doctors in the UK try to treat all patients to achieve a Blood Pressure under 140/90
  • And they treat patients with Diabetes to achieve a Blood Pressure of 130/80 or less.
  • Newsflash: It may be better to take your BP tablets at night.

Dr M Kittel. GP in Bracknell Forest has shared a 12 point Self Care Action Plan to help people with high blood pressure.

NICE quick guide assessment and diagnosis of autism: what to expect

NICE new quick guide 'Assessment and diagnosis of autism: what to expect' is based on NICE 'Autism spectrum disorder in under 19s' guideline.

More than 1 in 100 people are autistic. This affects people in different ways. It can bring strengths but also some challenges that can impact on how comfortable, healthy and happy you feel. Getting the reight disgnosis and support is important.

Produced for young people of secondary school age and their families, the quick guide talks about what to expect before, during and after an autism assessment.

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