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Looking for individuals with autism to take part in a trial of a mobile app

Learning Disability and Autistic Spectrum Disorder Service are looking for individuals with autism to take part in a FREE trial of a new mobile phone application - The Autism Alert App! It’s an app that is being used in Hampshire with good feedback. The app is compatible on iOS and Android products.


It stores personalised information about an individual and their autism, such as emergency contact details and how to support them.

It also gives different strategies to help the individual in various emotional states, such as how to help them if they are sad, angry, anxious or over-excited (For example: What happens when I get anxious and uncomfortable – “I will cover my ears and may scream and shout at you to leave me alone”).

  • Those with autism who have already used the App describe the benefits as:
  • An additional ‘safety blanket’ for them to use when out-and-about
  • A more private way of informing others about their autism
  • More control over who they tell about their autism
  • The App gives them more independence (they feel more confident that they have the App there to help them)
  • Helps people deal with the person with autism in a way that best suits the individual & their needs

If you would be interested in trialing the App, and giving your feedback, please contact Becky Gates, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 01344 352275 by Monday 5th December. We can then help set you up as a user which is quick and easy.

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