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Older Drivers Forum

Date: 07 Oct 2019 - 09:30 to 15:00
Location: Henry Street Garden Centre, Swallowfield Road, Arborfield, RG2 9JU

Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Police together with your local councils have combined resources to offer "Older Drivers Forum" events, at a variety of locations during the first couple of weeks in October.

They are free of charge, No appointment is needed just drop in anytime between 9.30am and 3pm, and feel free to attend with family or friends.

The purpose of the event – The event is to help promote and raise awareness of the Older Drivers Forum and how it can help and support Older Motorists to carry on driving safely for longer. We also give advice to Family and Friends concerned about Older Motorists.

What is the Older Drivers Forum
The Forum and is made up of experts in road safety from across Thames Valley, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight; including representatives from the emergency services, charities, community groups, local authorities and businesses specialising in keeping older people on the road.

The Older Drivers Forum is dedicated to keeping the mature motorist, on the road safely, for longer. We help identify the key issues facing an older driver and offer information, tips, solutions and practical advice. The Older Driver Forum advocate the importance of regular eyesight testing and driving appraisals offered by local councils or advanced motoring groups.

We also offer practical and informative advice for those who might be considering retiring or preparing to retire from driving.

Visit for more information and advisory videos for older drivers, their friends, families, GPs and medical practitioners.

We will give advice on:

  • Brushing up your skills
  • Booking a driving assessment
  • Arranging a regular eyesight test (or a quick test with Specsavers at the event).
  • Health and well being issues that could affect your driving ability
  • Renewing your licence at 70
  • Learn more about road safety and the consequences of not being fit to drive
  • Discover alternatives to driving and staying independent without a car
  • And much more

These events are FREE to attend and we would encourage both mature drivers and their families to attend to get more information.

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