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Mobile Phones - In Case of Emergency (ICE)


Your mobile phone could be configured to display information that could help you or the person you care for in an event of an emergency. ICE works without the need to unlock your phone meaning that someone can access important information about you in an event of an emergency. Not only could this provide important information in an emergency about you, the phone of the person you care for can include details of how to contact you.

Why Use ICE?

  • Instructions can be included about your caring responsibilities
  • Medics are informed of your allergies and conditions
  • Lost phone can be returned
  • Access your emergency contacts
  • Works without unlocking your phone

Some phones have this feature built in. There are lots of different mobile phones running different software. To find instructions about your phone search the web, include your model number and software version and search for “in case of emergency”.

There are ICE apps available. These apps has many features in which give information of your medical background, these features include allergies, conditions and your next of kin contacts in case of emergency.

All of this information is visible on your front lock screen, making it easy for anyone to see in case of an emergency.

You can download ICE apps on from your mobile phone store.

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